Cyberdata Fusion

Threat Detection & Interdiction: Visual Analytics Plugin

SOCTRAQ's SOCAnalytics is an advanced analytic tool for big data environments that moves beyond alerts for Cyber Incident Responders for suggested threats. SOCAnalytics allows the analyst to easily obtain both point-specific trivialities and visualize sweeping trends. SOCAnalytics identifies and displays connections between log messages that are collected from servers, workstations and network devices that otherwise might go unnoticed. Seek out the future through trends. Find abstract trivia in just clicks. Expose the finer points within a singular event, visually, all with SOCAnalytics.

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  • ➤ Root Cause Analysis - Real Time Displays

    •  • Vulnerability Scanner, Forwarded Events, and Future Data

    •  • Enhanced HVA Network Event Analysis

    •  • Enhanced HVA Host Event Analysis

    •  • POA&M Activity: Aging, Open/Closed Item Tracking architecture impact

  • ➤ Automation and Improved Analysis

    •  • Non-specific threat detection and alerting

    •  • Automated topology reconciliation and data overlay

    •  • Depict linkages/relationships within collected vulnerabilities, compliance data and POA&M operations

  • ➤ Cyber Data Fusion / Composite Intelligence Displays

    •  • Simplified analysis of dissimilar data types

    •  • Can handle structured and unstructured data types and currently collected event data

    •  • Not limited to the “predefined” data structures inherent to RDMS systems

Graph Database Technology

SOCAnalytics Dashboard Screenshot
  • Network topology generation

  • Shows relationships between data sources; linkages and relationships

  • Root cause detection and analysis

  • Can digest structured and unstructured data

  • Insider threat detection

  • Visualize threat impacts on “downstream” high value assets

  • Analysts can quickly see threats and take proactive measures to mitigate emerging threats