FISMA Compliance Workflow Automation Tool

Accelerate Team Productivity and Security Control Assessment Management

Eliminate the unnecessary and time consuming obstacles, while moving to the top of security practices with SCATRAQ, your efficient and automated FISMA compliance tool. FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) requires all government agencies to follow crucial security standards through the development, implementation, and compliance of risk-based security management tools. With SCATRAQ, you can maintain an effective authorized workflow automation system to manage the SCA (Security Control Assessment) process through FISMA compliance.

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Maintain an effective authorized workflow automation system to manage the SCA process through FISMA compliance.

  • ➤ Client-Specific Documentation

  • Focus on creating SCA, A&A and ST&E (Security Test and Evaluation) assessments.

  • ➤ Effective Management Workflow

  • Standardized testing, evaluation and reporting methods alongside visualized progress and real-time report generation.

  • ➤ Control Management

  • Control Inheritance and management at all levels, as well as agency/system common control management.

  • ➤ Continuous Control Assessment

  • Permits transition to Continuous Control Assessment (CCA) within the ecosystem.

  • ➤ All Necessary Resources

  • Generate all security artifacts, assign and monitor assessment resources. Acceptance of Risk (AOR) cross-referencing.

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Accelerate security life cycle management and significantly improve team productivity.