Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management Automation

Accelerate Team Productivity and Security Control Assessment Management

It is the job of a security engineer to execute detailed assessments on the necessities of risk reduction, but with the traditional RMF (Risk Management Framework), testers spend more time allocated to reporting, instead of the needed testing and analyzing to minimize the threats of a breach.

PENTRAQ is the solution to this dilemma. The effective management system creates an environment catered specifically for security engineers, which eliminates varying report writing skills, ad-hoc measurement of process maturity, the lack of time to perform actual security testing, the increase of false positives, as well as, inaccurate testing data and progress. With PENTRAQ, your penetration workflow management system will become more efficient than ever.

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Features & Benefits

  • ➤ Security Auditing

  • Attack tree wizard ensures that assessments are performed in accordance with mandated standards.

  • ➤ Automate Testing Processes

  • Automate manual, time-consuming penetration testing artifact collection & reporting processes.

  • ➤ SIEM Integration

  • Ability to import Vulnerability, Port Scanner, & Application Vulnerability Scanner output files for use in security activities.

  • ➤ Automatic Creation of "Approaches/Methods" Table

  • Spend more time minimizing breach threats versus reporting.

  • ➤ Reduction of False Positives

  • Rather than dealing with unjustified alerts, users have more time to examine urgent ones.

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PENTRAQ provides penetration testing and vulnerability management workflow automation to improve team productivity.