ISM Workflow Automation & Management

Accelerate Risk Life Cycle Management and Improve Team Productivity

ISMTRAQ is one of the four integrated models utilized within the FEDTRAQ Suite to enhance security workforce automation. ISMTRAQ provides Information Security Managers (ISM) with the necessary tools through an Executive Dashboard and Reporting Engine. Manage, Report and Act with ISMTraq

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Features & Benefits

  • ➤ Reduced Time to Report

  • ISSOs and ISMs can see which stage in the lifecycle their systems are, validate the existence of accreditation documents and generate performance reports detailing all aspects of compliance, risk management and threat intelligence.

  • ➤ Consistent Methodology

  • Gain a consistent methodology through Agency Common Control Management.

  • ➤ Generates the POA&M

  • ISMs can initiate an SSP, SCA or POA&M activity and automatically notify the appropriate security program lead. Any accreditation artifacts created as part of system authorization and process management can be generated on demand.

  • ➤ Improved Accuracy & Consistency

  • SIEM & GRC Tool Integration and security program performance across all activities.

  • ➤ Better Findings Documentation

  • Real time and temporal compliance reporting down to the system and control level, emerging threat trends, performance telematics, & more

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Accelerate security life cycle management and significantly improve team productivity.